A Second Location

We have some exciting news to share with everyone about the Otis Café! We will be opening a SECOND location in Lincoln City in the Taft area.

We are continuing to work with Gary Fromm, the owner of the Otis Junction, as we definitely want to be back in our old location. We’ve assured him that we still consider the location in Otis to be our first location, and hope to be back there some day and he’s assured us that we are first in line to get back into the building once it’s rebuilt. There are a number of things that Gary, as the owner of the property, has to deal with and he has been really good to us and he has been keeping us in the loop about the progress being made.

We realized after the fire that we may need to open a second location, and since October we have looked at a number of places, but couldn’t find the right fit. In January we approached our friends who own My Master’s Antiques at 4618 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City about purchasing their building. They agreed to sell us their property and are selling the contents of their Antique shop at 50% off.

We will be taking ownership of the property in late spring, and in the meantime, we are working on permits and plans so we will be as ready as possible to begin turning the building into the SECOND location of the Otis Café.

We don’t know how long it will take to turn it into a restaurant, but we hope to be open at some point later in the summer. We will be offering the same menu, and many of the same staff will be with us to start out the Taft location.

We want to let the community know that it’s our deep desire to serve them the same quality and portions of food they expect from the Otis Café, and we are so incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve received from everyone. Thank you so much!

Read about it in the Statesman Journal and The News Guard!

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  1. Just found you! So excited! I was one of you last customers before the fire. Thank you for preserving the dream!

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