Currently closed due to a fire

The Otis Café is currently closed due to a fire on July 4th, 2019. We were very lucky in that nobody was present when the fire started, so no one was hurt. You can read the local articles about it here and here. We also feel lucky that we were able to save the Otis Café recipe books, which are worth their weight in gold.

We thought this would be a good time to add a blog to our website so we can update you as our rebuilding plans progress, and let you know wherever else we might be with Otis Café baked goods. All kinds of good things are in the works, we’re still here, and we’ll have more to tell you soon. Meanwhile, visit us here or on Facebook to stay up to date on our plans.

A Comprehensive Answer to some Questions We’ve Been Asked

We (the England family) own the business Otis Café. We’ve owned the business since September 1996. It includes the recipes, and the equipment and furnishings we had before the fire. However, we have never owned the property and building. Another party owns the Otis Junction, which includes the building and property the Otis café was in.

The owner has been great, keeping us informed as to the progress they are making in the rebuild of the building. The thing that is slowing everything down is a problem with the site that came to light after the fire. Because of this we don’t have a timeline for when we will be able to be back in the building. We hope to be back in business sometime in 2020.

In the meantime, we have licensed our home kitchen with a domestic bakery license issued by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture. We consider the markets we’ve been doing a way to keep our business alive. We hope if you have the opportunity you will be able to stop by and see us at the Community Center in Lincoln City some Sunday afternoon. We miss our regular customers very much and love to connect with people when we’re there.

Thank you,

The England family

Frontal view of the Otis Cafe

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